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Marvel Comics


Doreen Green, affectionately known as “Squirrel Girl,” is the coolest hero in the Marvel universe! She has an enormous squirrel army that assists her in defeating some of the most cunning villains we know (Dr. Doom). Part of her allure is her playfulness and charisma, which are often misleading to her foes. She is a strong force in the Great Lakes Avengers and a great ally of Shield. When she’s not overwhelming her enemies with squirrels she spends her time baby-sitting for high profile clients like Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. I love painting Squirrel Girl!

Sue Storm, The Invisible Woman, is one of my favorite characters in the Marvel Universe because of her ability to be the proverbial, “fly on the wall.” Her powers of invisibility allow for her to harness energies in perfect ways. Here she’s seen in the lab of the Baxter Building, experimenting with various degrees of her mutation.

Janet van Dyne, Wasp, is a fascinating character in comic books. She sprouts wings when she shrinks to less than 4 feet. My favorite story of hers is in “Tales to Astonish,” where she teams up with “Ant-Man,” to defeat the “Creature from the Kosmos.”

Steve Rogers, Captain America, is the quintessential Avenger. He was frozen in the ice (in time) until the military was ready to unleash him onto the modern world with a team of heroes. Flawed as they are perfect, under the watchful eye of commander Nick Fury, the Avengers were tapped to protect the world against the forces of Loki and the Frost Giants.

Jubilee is a fun, colorful hero who has a childish charm about her. She has a wild backstory in the comic books. I love how she was rescued by the girls from the X-Men when she was young. She eventually developed a bond with Wolverine and traveled with him on many adventures before returning to the X-Men. Since her mutant powers involve explosive energies there are a range of exciting possibilities for rendering her. I chose a moment of reflection.


St. Isidore the Farmer.

St. Isadore

Acrylic latex on plaster, 16″ x 24″.

St. Isidore is the patron of farmers and rural communities. He was known to spend most of his day plowing, and the rest of his time in the churches of Spain. The piece was very simple, but the complimenting color scheme really gives it balance. It was one of the fastest murals in the series.

St. James the Greater.

St. James

Acrylic latex on primed plaster,   24″ x 36″.  St. James was an apostle who held a special place in Jesus’ heart. He’s also known as the patron of hatmakers and laborers. Lots of challenging details in this mural, but the journey was very satisfying.

Our Lady of Czestochowa.

Our Lady of Czes

Acrylic latex 4′ x 5′. This mural of Our Lady of Czestochowa was one of the most detailed and complex pieces I’ve worked on. The warrior protector aspect of her is the strength of the piece. My clients really love it!



Acrylic latex on primed plaster.  24″ x 36″.

I finished this piece today at the Botanica. I was the third mural in a series of three. It symbolizes the true source of power in the owners’ spirituality. I worked on it for approximately five hours. It was really fun and renewed my sense of enchantment about making murals!

St. Barbara.

St. Barb 3

Acrylic latex on primed plaster.  48″ x 18″.

This piece was completed this evening. Another in the continuing series of saints and angels. I used complimentary color schemes throughout. It ties the entire piece together really well. I’m happy with the piece. The owners are as well. That means I will be allowed to continue filling the world with powerful magical imagery!!

St. Peter.


Acrylic latex paint on primed plaster.  2′ x 4′.

This mural of St.Peter was completed last night. The owners wanted to place him over the doorway to the space where most of their work is done. It was done in a couple of days. My patrons were extremely happy with this piece as well.

Archangel Michael.

mike mural

Acrylic latex on primed plaster.    15′ x 10′.

St. Michael, or Archangel Michael, was once seen as a healer. He became the general of god’s army much later. The owners wanted him to be the first thing people saw when they entered the building. It was a wonderful process. The mural was completed in less than two weeks.

 The Black Madonna.

St. Barbara

Acrylic latex, paint on primed wall.        3′ x 5′.

This mural of the Black Madonna was completed today at Milokan Botanica. The idea of the Black Madonna was first realized as the dark skin of the goddess Isis. Her dark skin (or blackness) was associated with the life-force of all matter. This iconic Earth mother plays an important role in modern spiritualism.



This was one the first publications I created illustrations for. We were huge fans of Antero Alli’s early book, “Angel Tech.” We connected with him via facebook a couple of years ago. He had the text completed, but needed  graphics for the layout. It was an amazing gig! I worked closely with Antero in order to bring his vision to the page. Psychedelic!!

Page 50, Vertical Connection/ Self-Commitment.

Page 112, Introduction to E- Prime.

Page 178, Just another babe in the abyss.

Funny Bagels.

I produced sets, props, games, and illustrations for Funny Bagels, helping to establish the now successful lunchables brand.

We toured the convention circuit in South Florida, coordinating innovative events centered on introducing the product to the public. The logo was incorporated into all interactive materials.

We designed and constructed age appropriate games that really catered to our market, which included young children (ages 4-10) and their parents. Each game needed to be as efficient for set up and breakdown as possible. “Great Stuff,” wood, silicone, rubber, and enamel were used to construct this piece.

These were from a series of mini-golf and croquet games whose designs were pretty simple and straight forward. We constructed them with ply wood, bristol board, felt, polystyrene, and wood glue. The kids really loved them!

The Food Pyramid was an integral part of our marketing strategy. This one was approximately 8′ x 12′. It was a free standing form made with plywood, enamel, acrylic, and velcro. The pyramid was often used to inform families about how each item in a Funny Bagels lunchable corresponded to one of the recommended food groups. The piece was highly effective!

This indoor soccer game was another favorite. The built in goalie made it just challenging enough for young players. We made it with PVC pipe, calking, tarp, net rope, and fishing line. As keeping active and eating right produces good feelings.

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