Mom and Child.


Paint pen and ink on paper, 18″ X 24″.

This piece was done within the 5-day work week. Its always been one of my faves because of the strong contrast between the two subjects. The juxtaposition of Elle to her mom is life in a nutshell. Children have such spirit  and for a while everything about the world is so enchanting and exciting! Then they grow up and before long,  the responsibilities of life kick in.

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Rian and Pumpkins.


Acrylic on Canvas, 20″ X 36″.

This piece has always delighted me more than some of the others because of its perfect union of light and subject matter. That high noon sun light that pours itself over everything and really brings them to life. It makes Rian’s skin blossom. The shadows become like smooth brown sugar at the base of the pumpkins.  It makes for really yummie texture!

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