Dreams from the Tardis : 14.

Dreams from the Tardis 1

Acrylic  on canvas.   22″ x 30″.

This piece is part of a Dr. Who series I’m working on. The show is amazing on so many levels! The themes are universal and there is something really beautiful about time traveling through the universe in something so ordinary as a police box. The Dr. himself has taken on many incarnations since the series began back in 1963. But this series is centered on my favorite incarnation, the 10th Dr., David Tennant. He is both timeless and timely all at once. He brings an element of fun to the dangers that plague our planet. He has a rebelious energy about him that I think serves the Dr. very well. The show is inspired so I think this is a great way to start the new year. Happy 2013 all!!

An Invitation

The Invitation

Collage. Construction paper,paint pen, ink.         12″ x 18″.

Sometimes I feel like I just HAVE to make art, just to know I’m alive. This was one of those days. We were back @ UM in that magical place where we churn out all this incredibly powerful work! There was no question of what we were going to do. It was all about pop art, and mythological icons. It was the best crop of ideas yet! It made me feel absolutely ecstatic, enchanted, and electric!!

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A Special Thank You to Chris Bosh.

Thank you for Christmas with Chris Bosh

That is the thank you note that the mother of one of our students brought to school today, and it warmed our hearts just in time for the holidays. We were fortunate to attend the 2012 Christmas with Chris Bosh event sponsored by Chris and Adrienne Bosh, Burger King, Team Tomorrow, and a host of wonderful organizations:

Chirs Bosh Christmas thank you

Thank you Chris Bosh

Christmas With Chris Bosh At "Santa Bosh's Workshop"

Christmas With Chris Bosh At "Santa Bosh's Workshop"

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  And Happy Holidays!!!


Christmas with Chris Bosh 2012.




Christmas Bosh Elves

We had the extreme pleasure of becoming Santa Bosh’s elves this year, and the holiday joy will last a lifetime. Thank you Chris and Adrienne Bosh, thank you Team Tomorrow, thank you Burger King, thank you each and every one!!!

Tweeted by Bosh!!!

Bosh Painting

I had the extreme privelege of giving that painting to Chris and Adrienne Bosh last night at the Christmas with Chris Bosh event for local kids, and this morning I got a surprise on Twitter!  Life is good.

Bosh in Venice.

Bosh in Venice

Thanks to the big hearts of Adrienne and Chris Bosh, we had a fabulous time tonight entertaining local kids with Team Tomorrow at the Chris Bosh Christmas party. I painted this portrait of the beautiful couple in Venice with their bouncing baby boy Jackson, and I feel honored to have been able to give it to them in person.

Happy Holidays, to one and all.

Bosh Christmas Party

Bosh Christmas Party Painting

Chris Bosh Christmas Party

Bosh Painting

Lieb Bernie.


Acrylic wash on canvas.   20″ X 24″.

This piece was commissioned by a good friend who found the the love of her life. She wanted it done in time for their wedding day, which happens to be this Saturday, the 17th. It took about 5 days to complete.  I was ecstatic to do the job! True love is such a rare thing to behold, but once you’ve seen it, it becomes pretty recognizable from that point on. Cheers to you Tracy and Bernie and your happily ever after!!

The Pond.

Acrylic on watercolor paper.       11″ x 17″.

This piece was an exercise in impressionism. Its a tribute of sorts to the  artists of the past who continue to influence and inspire my work in that rebelious spirit that made them great. Monet, Van Gogh, Manet, and Renoir all had an idealist aura about their techniques that really resonate with me because they not only painted the world as it was, but also as it should be.

Tree of Life.

Gold, silver, and white paint pen on paper.  12″ x 18″.

This was a minimal reference, free-hand exercise in drawing for me. To draw a line on the page without having to think about whether it is straight enough, curved enough, or where it was in space was a little odd at first. As it turned out, the more lines I drew on the page, the more giddy I felt. Like a child at play.

City of Temples.

Construction and tissue paper with decoupage.   12″ x  18″.

This was a great variation on a series of collage pieces I worked on last month. It’s a real treat to approach things with as minimal a reference as possible. Illustration demands such constant referencing of material. Its nice to be able to just dream things up, and put them directly on the page!

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Doug Jones as the Angel of Death.

From Hellboy 2: The Golden Army!

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Paint pen and ink on paper.    18” X 24”.

The thing I find most fascinating about little canines is their sense of  hyper- bravado. They’ve got attitudes.  So beware, their just too tough! Twix projects that with perfection.

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Happy Birthday Lee!

Our little spaceman turned two today.  Happy Birthday Lee, thanks for being the best grandbaby in the world!

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Happy Girl.

Mixed media on paper.   18″ x 24″.

This piece reminds me of all the fun times I’ve had in my life. Those days when I can’t wait to go outside just to find out what will happen, who I’ll meet, and what I’ll do. Days when everything feels new.

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Garden Grove.

Charcoal and chalk on paper. 18″ x 24″.

This piece was done at Vizcaya in the garden groves. The villa is a constant source of inspiration. It always feels like time doesn’t really exist there.

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The Dolphin.

Charcoal and guache on paper. 18″x 24″.

What a difference a place makes! We always spend time drawing when we visit The Swan and Dolphin. The world just oozes wonders.

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The Girl in the Park.

Paint pen and ink on paper. 14″ x 20″.

This is like one of those days where every cloud in the sky is perfectly formed and the sun is smiling down on everything. A day when everything goes incredibly well.

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The Groove.

Chalk on paper. 4′ x 9′.

This banner was commissioned by a person planning to celebrate their birthday and Halloween all in one bash.  And of course the best component of any party is the dance!

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Here is one of the cards I created for our new game. Ocho the game is super fun and uber competitive! I’m really excited about the possibility of a print run!

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This is the”Pow!” card I designed for Ocho The Game. It is the most powerful card in the deck. It destroys the highest pair of cards an opponent controls. Check out ochogame.com for more details!

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This is the ” See,” card that I produced for our new card game! Its called Ocho The Game and its totally competitive. A lot of people despise this card when it is played in conjunction with another card in the deck.

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Mystique has always been a favorite with me among Marvel Characters.  She’s pretty hard core so I wanted to soften her up a bit for the Kree- Skrull War set.


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Happy Kree Skrull Day!

Today is the day.  Upper Deck and Marvel Comics is releasing the new chapter in the Kree Skrull War.  My work is included.  This was the most fun I’ve ever had – painting on a tiny three inch cardboard canvas.

Party time!