Sacred Secret.


Pastel on paper, 18″ x 24″.

This is another piece from the Vizcaya series. It’s a rendering of, what we consider to be, the most sacred place in the gardens. The land is heavy with a kind of romantic energy. It gave my husband and I the most remarkable and deep connection either of us had ever felt! We go there to recharge every year.

Marassa Jumeaux.


Acrylic latex on primed plaster,  22″ x  24″.

The Marassa mural was done today at the Botanica. The devine twins are the embodiment of the mysterious bonds between heaven and Earth. They also possess both masculinity and femininity respective to each twin. I enjoy the piece’s sense of antiquity. There’s also a bold simplcity that comes out of it as well. The mural concludes a long, complex series of narratives  that I started in January. I’ve learned so much since then and I’m really glad  of the journey. My clients are in awe of how their “expectations were not only met, but surpassed.” And I have surprised myself continually throughout the process. It’s been amazing!

St. George.

St. G

Acrylic latex on primed plaster,  24″ x 36″.

This mural of St. George and the dragon is a very old and popular story. The piece itself was both challenging and satisfying. Its got a lot of movement in it. I learned so much from painting it.

St. Anthony

St. Anthony

Acrylic latex on primed plaster.    24″ x 36″.

This mural of St. Anthony was finished last week. The patron saint of missing persons and lost things was used in a fluid and continuing narrative at the Botanica. I did extensive under painting in this piece. I really wanted to bring out that glowing, radiant quality that usually permeates adoring love.

Dreams from the Tardis: Don’t Blink.

weeping angel painting

Acrylic and newspaper on canvas.   22″ x 30″.

This piece encroaches on the legendary, “… its bigger on the inside,” principle of the show. The Weeping Angels are there as these ultimate power hungry villains stuck on the outside looking in. Their single greatest ambition is to obtain the box and all the power of time therein. As its own entity, the police box is quite aware of things that are required from it. So I think that the Weeping Angel is a part of its consciousness in terms of the obvious magnetism that exists between them. But the angel is frozen in time without the box.

Dreams from the Tardis : The Novice.

Dreams from the Tardis2

Acrylic on canvas.   22″ x 30″.

This piece is #2 in the series. I chose Novice Hame because she’s a really controversial figure in the show. On the one hand she and her peers in the senate do everything they can to protect the people of their world, but to the point of tyranny. On the other hand, she is the guardian of the race, trying to ensure that the species is safe guarded from death and disease. She began with the purest of intentions. But her dream was flawed. A fact she was oblivious to until the Dr. pointed it out.

Dreams from the Tardis : 14.

Dreams from the Tardis 1

Acrylic  on canvas.   22″ x 30″.

This piece is part of a Dr. Who series I’m working on. The show is amazing on so many levels! The themes are universal and there is something really beautiful about time traveling through the universe in something so ordinary as a police box. The Dr. himself has taken on many incarnations since the series began back in 1963. But this series is centered on my favorite incarnation, the 10th Dr., David Tennant. He is both timeless and timely all at once. He brings an element of fun to the dangers that plague our planet. He has a rebelious energy about him that I think serves the Dr. very well. The show is inspired so I think this is a great way to start the new year. Happy 2013 all!!

Christmas with Chris Bosh 2012.




Christmas Bosh Elves

We had the extreme pleasure of becoming Santa Bosh’s elves this year, and the holiday joy will last a lifetime. Thank you Chris and Adrienne Bosh, thank you Team Tomorrow, thank you Burger King, thank you each and every one!!!


Paint pen and ink on paper.    18” X 24”.

The thing I find most fascinating about little canines is their sense of  hyper- bravado. They’ve got attitudes.  So beware, their just too tough! Twix projects that with perfection.

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Happy Birthday Lee!

Our little spaceman turned two today.  Happy Birthday Lee, thanks for being the best grandbaby in the world!

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Happy Girl.

Mixed media on paper.   18″ x 24″.

This piece reminds me of all the fun times I’ve had in my life. Those days when I can’t wait to go outside just to find out what will happen, who I’ll meet, and what I’ll do. Days when everything feels new.

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Garden Grove.

Charcoal and chalk on paper. 18″ x 24″.

This piece was done at Vizcaya in the garden groves. The villa is a constant source of inspiration. It always feels like time doesn’t really exist there.

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The Dolphin.

Charcoal and guache on paper. 18″x 24″.

What a difference a place makes! We always spend time drawing when we visit The Swan and Dolphin. The world just oozes wonders.

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The Girl in the Park.

Paint pen and ink on paper. 14″ x 20″.

This is like one of those days where every cloud in the sky is perfectly formed and the sun is smiling down on everything. A day when everything goes incredibly well.

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The Groove.

Chalk on paper. 4′ x 9′.

This banner was commissioned by a person planning to celebrate their birthday and Halloween all in one bash.  And of course the best component of any party is the dance!

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Here is one of the cards I created for our new game. Ocho the game is super fun and uber competitive! I’m really excited about the possibility of a print run!

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This is the”Pow!” card I designed for Ocho The Game. It is the most powerful card in the deck. It destroys the highest pair of cards an opponent controls. Check out for more details!

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This is the ” See,” card that I produced for our new card game! Its called Ocho The Game and its totally competitive. A lot of people despise this card when it is played in conjunction with another card in the deck.

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Mystique has always been a favorite with me among Marvel Characters.  She’s pretty hard core so I wanted to soften her up a bit for the Kree- Skrull War set.


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Happy Kree Skrull Day!

Today is the day.  Upper Deck and Marvel Comics is releasing the new chapter in the Kree Skrull War.  My work is included.  This was the most fun I’ve ever had – painting on a tiny three inch cardboard canvas.

Party time!

My Work For Marvel Comics!

This has been an exciting time! Doing sketch cards for Marvel is a dream come true! I get to debut with some of my favorite characters.


Paint pen and ink on paper. 14″ x 20″.

Mia lounges so beautifully. Lost somewhere between doggie dreams and a daze, her eyes emit such a serene vibe. Dogs truly are our best friends. They show us the purest form of unconditional love there is. Sweet.

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Floral Bliss.

Pastel and acrylic on paper. 24″ x 54″.

This piece was a nice way to reconnect with my roots. Stills have a way of allowing a kind of liberation. The vibrance of the color makes it both timely and timeless all at once.

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