Acrylic, gouache, and Krylon on canvas.  48″ X 52″.

When this piece was made, I was traveling through life at lightning speeds. Like an electron, spinning too fast for any protons to latch on. I felt that slowing down would somehow leave me rooted to one spot. By the time I did take a breath, I came face to face with a terrible force that shook my entire being to the core. “In the middle of the journey of our life, I came to myself within a dark wood where the straight way was lost. Oh, how hard it is to tell of that wood; savage and harsh and dense, the thought of which renews my fear.” -Dante Alighieri

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  1. love your blog! pls visit mine as well. keep blogging and keep in touch!:-)

  2. Also Love your paintings!! I see such passion and positive energy when looking at them!

  3. I so feel you on this one! Dante!! Deep.

  4. the way you depict texture is so unique! I feel like I could reach out and feel the wool on my fingertips. I also love the detail in the lantern & the shadowy figure in the doorway. There is so much to discover in this painting!

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